About the town of Vimperk

The picturesque town of Vimperk, often nicknamed the gateway to the Šumava or the town below Boubín Mountain, is nestled in the Volyňka River valley, on the edge of the Boubín primeval forest, at an altitude of 700 metres. The administrative district includes 21 municipalities, of which Vimperk has the status of a town.

Vimperk - overview

On 01.01.2019 the number of inhabitants was 7 353, living in an area of 53 537 hectares. Vimperk is situated on the main road leading to Germany via the border crossing at Strážný, close to the limits of the Šumava National Park and Protected Landscape Area.

The town is renowned for its long tradition of glassmaking and printing, with the textile, electronic and furniture industries arising later. The principal companies currently include Rohde and Schwarz, Vimperk meat-packing plant, Vimperk glassworks, as well as several smaller printing works.

On 20 September 2003 the towns of Vimperk and Freyung in Germany signed an Agreement of Partnership and Cooperation.

The surrounding area abounds in attractive tourist destinations.

Kvilda is a mountain village boasting the highest altitude in Bohemia (1065 m above sea level), situated 7 km to the north of the Bučina border crossing and 6 km from the spot where the River Vltava springs.

Kubova Huť a picturesque mountain village in the magical landscape below the mighty Boubín Mountain (1362 m above sea level). It is situated at an altitude of about 1,000 metres, in a mountain saddle on the south-western slope of the Boubín mountain group. The Gold Trail, an ancient trade route, once used to lead through the village, which is now crossed by the international road Vimperk – Strážný – Passau.

In 1899 a railway connecting Vimperk and Volary was put in operation, and a railway station in Kubova Huť was built at an altitude of 995 metres, making it the highest railway station in Bohemia.

Borová Lada small in population, but extremely large in terms of its administrative area and rich in natural charms, this municipality is situated at about 900 metres above sea level, at the confluence of the Vydří Brook and the Rivers Teplá Vltava and Malá Vltava (the Vltava Brook). The surrounding area includes the Chalupská Moor, with the largest peat lake in the country.

Other recommended destinations in the Vimperk region and the Šumava – the origin of the River Vltava, Churáňov, the Stožec area, theme trails – the Vimperk branch of the Gold Trail, Jezerní and Tříjezerní moors, Chalupská moor, the Sudslavice theme trail, the Medvědí (Bear) trail; Boubín Mountain, Bobík Mountain, Lenora, Volary, Javorník Hill with a newly restored observation tower, the observation tower at Poledník, the Schwarzenberg lumber floating canal, the Modrava area,...

Access routes to Vimperk

Praha – Strakonice - Vimperk
SRN – hraniční přechod Strážný – Vimperk
Prachatice – Vimperk
Sušice – Kašperské Hory - Vimperk